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This page is about who we are, about what we are doing and what we would like to do in future. Definnitely part of it should be testimony, this is mine:

I was born in Nové Zámky, Slovakia. My parents were not Christians or at least my mum was not born again catholic from traditional catholic family. My dad actually was born again christian, before he married my mum, but later he went to the world again. Because of this my parents had bad marriage first 16years of my life which I am not going to discribe. Things started to change after both of them were born again, but it took years. Today my dad is elder of Hurbanovo Baptist church, my mum serves whenever she can, my brother is preaching in our church and my sister is Christian as well, she is studying medicine in Brno. All because of God is good and merciful.
From God´s mercy my mum was born again when I was 8. After her my dad and I were saved. I was 9years old and I have been saved by simply raising a hand in the Baptist church. I am surprised I can remember that moment even today.  I was baptized in Nesvady Baptist church when I was 12 same day with my dad. First years of my Christian life I spent in Nové Zámky Baptist church and visiting youth meetings at Pavle Cekov´s living room. When I was 13 Pavle prayed for some youth at one of these meetings who decided to serve the Jesus with their lives and I was one of them. Since this time I was decided, that I would like to serve the Lord Jesus somehow. I just had many times no idea how.

When I was 17 I joined the ministry of spiritual counseling organized by Youth for Christ Slovakia and served at plenty of worship festivals, campfests and others. This ministry and preaching in our church and youth meetings helped me a lot in my first ministry steps. I stoped serving in spiritual counseling after I went to the Uk. After study of clarinet at hight music school in Bratislava I studied theology at Evangelical Theology College in Banská Bystrica. In those times theology was my idea how to serve the Lord. Just end my studies and probably become a pastor of one of the Baptist churches in Slovakia. Or maybe stay at college and go for doctorate, which was an option as well. I liked the preaching and the idea of staying in one place and serve every Sunday in the same church, see same people etc. But God changed it in the way I could never even imagine.
I definitely never thought about ending my studies with Bachelor. But few months before bachelor exams God changed my heart drastically. I ended in very mixed mood and stage of my life, when I started to feel calling into mission. And that was something I was really scared of. I don’t like changes, I had depressions for years and because of that I wasn’t very good in adapting to different environments. And especially I spent most of my time in one room using computer and reading books. So I had to decide what to do and at last decided to go and try to live one year as a volunteer in United Kingdom: at that time I wanted to try myself if I will able to live and exist far from home, and pray every day for my future steps and ministry. I was very scared and my English wasn´t very well. So I ended in Reading near London for period of one year and I worked in Christian ministry dealing with drug and alcohol addicts. It was a great year and God changed me a lot. During this year he started forming a love for kids in my heart. During this year my heart was broken completely into pieces after I read and learned more about situation of kids in some Asian countries and what was happening to them. Child labor, and even kids involved in human and sexual trafficking. So I decided again, that I cannot live on this earth and not at least try to do something for these kids and with their situation.
After I came back home from UK I did fundraising in many Baptist churches in Slovakia. I wanted to join OM (Operation Mobilization) and work in Thailand with kids in needs. This was a great experience and my first experience from Asia, but I figured out, that almost no one is doing ministry with kids in danger of human and sexual trafficking, Kids who are living on streets, are sexually abused, sold, without love and family… After I ended my work with OM I spent some time living in the middle of slum in Philippines and came back into Pattaya in Thailand. (Pattaya is city with 100thousand people living in and is well known center of sexual tourism with 30thousand prostitutes, women, mans, kids) I almost joined one ministry in Thailand working with kids in slums of Pattaya, but because of the visa I could not join them. So I came back to Slovakia at December 2014 from Asia confused and into worst culture shock in my life.
I visited some of my mentors like Pavle Cekov and Michal Kevicky, I didn´t know what to do and I wanted answers. In short time after I pray for few days God focused my heart on situation of kids in Nepal. It was very fast answer in my heart and I was surprised.  And in same month I met my future wife Leena from Kathmandu in Nepal. And this was even more shocking for me, but Leena was nurse student (and still is) with heart open for kids on streets of Kathmandu and we fall in love in same day. So I talked to my elders, my mentors, and my pastor and I hoped that they will try to change my mind, because relationship was the thing I didn´t even thought about before. But they had no answers for me, just told me, you have to try. And I tried. At 13th July 2015 I married my beautiful wife Leena Dhakal and we are living in Kathmandu. And that´ s how even bigger adventure of my life started.

Since I am in Kathmandu there was an earthquake and we are living in the one of the most earthquake affected part of Kathmandu, we had motorbike accident with Leena and God saved us for second time in few months, and in august 2015 I almost died because of food poisoning and end in hospital. Life here is definitely a challenge sometimes. Since I am here I am trying get used to, make contacts with kids in our neighborhood and giving food to the kids living on the streets of Kathmandu. With my wife we met so many beautiful kids with horrible stories: sold by parents or another family member, used as slaved after their dad marry second time, sold into sexual slavery etc. Most of them are already under influence of gang, some of them still have a parent which forces them to collect plastic or papers every day at streets of Kathmandu for up to one dollar a day. They all have some things in common, no love in their lives, big trauma needed to be healed, usually are addict on glue and if not they will be and they have no hope. You can meet all ages from 5 to 15 boys and girls.
So this is little about me and about my life up to now. I am living in Nepal with my wife where almost every day is challenge, but biggest challenge is, what to do next? We have many plans and visions how to help kids in Nepal and not even kids. We would love to build a farm with an orphanage for some of the kids living in the streets of Katmandu and give them better childhood and introduce them to Jesus Christ so they can share his love to other kids in same situation. But We need help, a lot of it. We have some supporters and it´s enough for me and my wife to live but for such a plan we need much more. If you would like to know more about our plans, please stay connected to our site or contact us.
If you read up to here, Thank you for your time.
God Bless you all.
Peter Kuruc
And this is my slovak family :-))
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