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Become our partner

Support us
What does it mean to become our partner? Answer is very simple.

Do you like what we are doing? Would you like to help us more actively than send us money
or praying for us? These two things are very important, but we need people who will help us to reach
more potentional supporters as well.

If you would like to give our newslsetter to your friends, our our pamphlet, or even make a party at your home
for the purpose of collecting money for us, you can. Please send us sa email and we will send you all materials you may
need. We cannot reach your friends and many people from your area, but you can and it may have a big impact for our
work and kids sin Nepal.

Few examples:

1. Charity concert. Your can do charity concert in your church and try to raise money for kids in Nepal.
2. Dinner for your friends where you can tell them about our work.

These are just two examples from many. You can be creative, we don´t mind.

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