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Kids in Nepal

Our target group:
I know that it may sound artificially “Our target group”. But in this part of our website we would like to introduce you into situation of kids who lives in Nepal.

None kid in this world should go through the situations and troubles like they are in many countries over the world and terrible things are happening to them not just in Nepal. We would like to not only help them, we are trying to show the rest of the world, what´s happening. And because we are living and working in Nepal we are focused on this country.

Our target groups as mentioned above are kids in Nepal, which are in at risk of human trafficking, child slavery or sexual slavery. Streetkids are especially the group of kids, close to our hearts. We are trying to help them as much as we can. Giving them food or treating their wounds. Recently we are supporting 12 of kids in danger of human trafficking in our orphanage and we hope that we will be able to support much more kids in the future. The only thing preventing us from doing this is lack of finances.

Situation of kids in nepal:
Now we would like to briefly introduce you situations of some kids in Nepal. Similar to many developing countries, there are plenty of kids in danger of different problematic situations like child labour, slavery etc. Main problems of kids in nepal are:

a)    Child labour.

Child labour is very common practice in developing countries. It can have many different levels and forms. Of course we dont mean kids which helps to their parents in their shops or at home after the school. This is absolutely normal and not a problem. Child labour starts than, when kid is not allowed to go to school because is forced to (by family, life situation) earn for his own living expences or earn for living of someone else not even member of his or her family. Thanks to their situation and lack of knowledge are these kids traped in the situation of their parents if they are not orphans and have no chance for better future, which actually means to live a life without starve or work from age of 5-6. Which obsiously isn´t a normal life of a child.
In Nepal these kids are mainly from lover caste. Thanks to cast caste system which is not recently allowed by government but still is in practice if not everywhere than in many parts of Nepal, are people from lover casts caste owners just small or none fields and because of that they cannot support themselve and their families, and without any school can barely find a job. So they need to live from day to day and starve when they cannot find a job, because of course there is no social system in Nepal. Part of this group can be kids which lost their parents or family members during the earthquake, land slides, car accident etc.

b)   Child slavery

Problem of child slavery is in some countries around the globe common practice same as child labor. Sadly. It´s much worse case of using a children by adults compare to child labour. By the guesstimate of UNICEF just in the wars around the world is used more than 250thousand child soldiers while kids in slavery are few millions. These are just approximate numbers and it´s not possible to have exact ones. The most part of it is cause of human trafficking. Huge problem with human trafficking have almost all poor countries like Cambodia, Burma but Philippines, India or Thailand as well. Nepal thanks to isolation of many villages in Himalayas and thanks to poverty is one of these countries, fighting with human trafficking of kids, mans and women. Kidnaping of kids, boys and girls but even parents selling their kids is nothing so rare over here. These kids are forwarded next to to India or just work on fields of their owners, shops or households. We personally do know and support, now ex slaves.

c) Sexual slavery of kids.

Sexual slavery is probably the worst situation in which any human can be trapped. But when children are trapped in this situation, it´s something even worse to imagine. Into sexual slavery are sold mainly girls from age of 5. Sometimes their owners are carrying about them until they are able to serve their customers, or sometimes they are not. The girls from Nepal are sold by their family members, or kidnaped from their villages and sold to India and other countries. Many of these girls has to serve to 10 and more mans a day from very young age. They are known stories of women which had to serve customer every hour a day, 7 days in a week. We doubt any of us can imagine to be in the place of these poor girls.

d)    Streetchildren in Kathmandu

There is few thousand children living in the streets of Kathmandu. These kids are usually coming to City from villages with hope of better life because they lost their parents or where slaves- It´s a common to have more kids in rural areas of Nepal and parents cannot care about them. (hlavne) If they come from lover cast  (kasty) and are owner just of the small field or few chickens, goat. These kids are trying to escape from life of poverty, starving and hard work so travel into Kathmandu or Pokhara with the dream of heaven on the earth. But there is nothing good for them in the city. Dostanú sa pod vplyv gangu and later are (zmrzačené) to beg more from tourists coming into Nepal, or some are just trying to work and survive and others are sold into slavery. It´s not so unusual to see kids in the age of 5 to beg or collect garbage on the streets of Kathmandu, but even fake mothers with babies under influence of drugs (babies) so they won’t cause trouble to them, beg money on the streets- Later almost all kids starts with inhaling the glue and ends on drug.
More information you can find on our blog.
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