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Leena Kurucová

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My name is Leena Dhakal Kuruc and this is my testimony.

I was born in Lalitpur, Patan. My parents were not christians when i was born, they were Hindu from higher
caste Brahmin. Later my parents were saved when i was one and half year old. They were invited to the church by one of the church members whom they knew before. They liked the church and the people there, it was different from the things they knew already. After their first visit of  Koinonia Patan Church they started to go regularly and later decided to follow Jesus and got baptized in the same church. So, i have been lucky to grew up in a Christian family thanks to Gods mercy. Every Saturday we went to church and I went to the Church “sunday” school just at Saturday. I remember that I enjoyed my time there and heard many Bible stories. I also remember that I loved Jesus since my childhood.

Later as I grew up my interest towards the Hinduism started. I used to see all my friends and almost all my relatives celebrating many Hindu festivals and enjoying it. I used to ask to my parents that why were we not participating in those festivals and ceremonies, it looks so fun. But they just answered that we should not because we are Christians. I wanted to celebrate with my friends and family all those festivals so much. Later I used to go to see the temple near to our house and observe so many people putting their faith upon those gods and goddesses. I used to think that there must be something, because of which so many people are following them and are interested in them. And those people following didn´t seem bad. I was wondering around temples and I had so many question in my mind. I used to feel very sad and was not able to be happy when i was in teenage. I went through several failures (exams, relationships etc) and lost hope.
One day when i was sitting in my room and crying and praying to God and asking him to give me peace and joy into my heart.

I wanted so much to be happy and joyful. After i opened my eyes i have seen the picture with Bible verse on it where was written: Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." Isaiah 46:4

After I read that verse i felt calm and peace inside my heart. I felt very special. I said to myself that God loves me and He said that He will carry me and sustain me always so why am i so sad and hopeless? Right from that moment the joy of the Lord started to flow into my heart. I felt so happy and joyful. I read Bible everyday and prayed and i started going to church regularly. From that day I didn't waste any chance to share the love of God with my friends and relatives. Then at the age of 20 i got baptised same day with my younger sister. I decided to follow Jesus and knew that He is the Savior. I thank God that my fascination towards Hinduism stopped but the knowledge i had about it helped me understand other people's thinking more deeply and learned how to understand their view and share the word of God in the right way.

God has done many miracles in our family. About 2 years ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer but miraculously God healed her and even doctors were surprised. Right on the day in which her chemotherapy was to be done, doctors stopped and found that there is no cancer cells present. It was a big miracle. We always thank God for that. Last year me and my husband Peter had an accident on scooter. It was a very busy road but its really a miracle that not even a single vehicle came towards us after we crash with another motorbike. There was a hospital on the opposite side and we had some injuries and my toe was broken otherwise we were OK. We thank God for that. God protected us. God is good.

Thank you all for taking time to read my testimony.

God bless you all and have a good day.

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