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Center for streetkids "The Hope"

Our Vision
To have a centre for street kids is one of our dreams.
There are thousands of street kids in Nepal and no one knows how many
are living on the streets of Kathmandu.

Our dream is to have a centre where they can come and get warm food, basic h
ealthcare, where they can learn how to read and write and where people will
be kind to them.

Such a centre would be a great asset as it would enable us to have a fixed meeting point for the children of Kathmandu. Many of these children move constantly and it is difficult to keep them safe when we don’t know where they are. That´s why it would be great to have a place where they can come by themselves and where our  future teams will be able to bring new kids and build friendships with them.

Such a centre will need a lot of financial investment to be able to offer what we would like, but this is our vision for the future. We hope that one day, this dream will become a reality.

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